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Quick Summary

Within the context of Winningtemp as a service, a user integration is the transfer of user
data from a source system (HRM, Payroll System, etc), the interpretation of that data
based on an agreed upon set of rules and relationships, and the actions automatically
taken in Winningtemp based on that interpreted data.

How the data is transferred can vary from case to case, but the synchronization of the
transferred data itself will be attempted 01.00 CET, every day.

Upon completion of the synchronization, a reconciliation report will be generated and
sent to the specified email address(es).

Why integrate?

As a pulse survey tool, Winningtemp requires up-to-date information for your
employees, that they belong to the correct department/team, and that the group
structure correctly reflects how you want to work with the results from day to day.

Keeping this information updated can be a labor-intensive task.

While smaller organizations generally don’t go through that many changes, we find that
as the number of employees grows beyond 400-500 or so, you eventually get to a point
where it is no longer possible to keep up with all the changes.

With an integration, it is possible to automate a multitude of administrative tasks in the
system, eliminating most of the need for manual work.

While the level of automation possible is highly dependent on the data available in the source system, we'll usually end up with a solution that saves a lot of time avoiding repetitive administrative tasks directly in the system.

Recommended Reading

A User Integration can be a fairly complex endeavor, and we expect that you as a
customer have a certain level of understanding for how Winningtemp works before we

The solution set in place during this project will have a large effect on how you work with the system, and is not easy to change after the fact. As such, it is highly recommended that you go
through the following material to ensure that you possess the working knowledge
necessary to make the most informed decisions possible:

What do the different roles in the User Directory mean?

What do the different user statuses mean?

Anonymisation of comments, how does it work?

What’s Next

If you're interested in setting up an integration, here's how to get started.