Catalyst One

The integration with Catalyst One ( is a one-way-synchronization that updates employee and organizational data in Winningtemp from Catalyst One.


  • Api endpoints must be configured in Catalyst One
    • Employees
    • Organizations
  • Secrets to the api endpoints must be shared with Winningtemp

By default data is synchronized once a day at 01:00 UTC, but can be configured to be synchronized at any interval down to 15 min. After each synchronization a reconciliation report can be configured to be sent to a specific mailbox. The reconciliation report will summarize the synchronization and report any warnings or errors.

For building the organization structure in Winningtemp two scenarios are supported:

  • RECOMMENDED: Building it from the organization chart, this will build an organizational chart in Winningtemp based on the organizational chart in Catalyst One (available from the Organizations endpoint)
  • Building it from a reporting chain, this will build an organizational chart in Winningtemp based on the reporting chain (manager -> employee)


All employees configured to be included in the employees endpoint will be available for synchronization with Winningtemp. By default only primary profiles are synchronized. For each employee the following standard fields are synchronized, but this can be customized per integration:

  • External Id (id: 0)
  • First name (id: 2)
  • Last name (id: 3)
  • Email (id: 7)
  • Username (property)
  • Gender (id: 19, alternative export value)
  • Date of birth (id: 21)
  • Start date (id: 37)
  • End date (id: 38)
  • Group
    • If option is to build from org chart: Organizational field (id: 8)
    • If option is to build from reporting chain: Manager field (id: 9). This option will also apply the manager as a group administrator for the group generated from the reporting chain
  • Segments
    • Country (id: 24)
    • Job role (id: 15)
    • Job location (id: 14)
    • Job family (id: 43)


This endpoint is only used if building from organization chart is configured in the integration. For each group in the organization chart the following standard fields are synchronized:

  • External Id (property, uuid)
  • Name (id: 400)
  • Parent group: (id: 401)
  • Group manager: (id: 406)