Temperature indexes are calculated and aggregated with respect to the anonymity thresholds that are configured in Winningtemp. Each answer that is provided to the surveys by the employees are stored as an individual temperature.

Each query will return a calculated index for the filters provided with the following properties:

  • Score - this is the index score (from 0-10)
  • ByGrade - this is the index score (from 0-10) grouped by grade
    • Standard and custom surveys - 0 correlates to answering with the least satisfied smiley, 3 correlates to answering with the most satisfied smiley
    • Enps - will show index both by grade (0-10) and by Detractors (correlates to answering from 0-6), Passives (correlates to answering from 7-8) and Promoters (correlates to answering from 9-10)
    • HME - according to HME scale this will range from 1-5
  • NotEnoughData - this indicates if the index calculation do not have enough data to calculate an index. This will happen if the number of answering employees are below the configured anonymity threshold
  • HasAnonymizedData - this indicates if the result has anonymized temperatures in order to calculate the index
  • NumberOfUniqueUsers - this is the number of unique employees who has contributed to this index calculation
  • NumberOfTemperatures - this is the number of answers that is contributing to this index calculation
  • AccuracyIndex - this is the calculated acurracy score that will define how accurate the index is. The score is calculated based on a variety of parameters and will take into account how many employees who have contributed with a temperature based on the total size of employees. This will give you a measurement of how accurate the calculated index is
    • Accuracy - this is a score from 0-3
      • 0 - None
      • 1 - Low
      • 2 - Medium
      • 3 - High