At Winningtemp we try our best to not introduce breaking changes to an api. However, eventually there is always the need to introduce a breaking change to a resource. When this happens we increase the version of the whole api. So if we need to break a certain GET method in the segmentation api, the whole api is bumped up to version 2 with the new breaking GET method replacing the old one and all the other v1 methods becoming v2.

Of course you can still use v1 of all methods, we will never break an existing version.

Every api at Winningtemp has it's own api-version, so the Temperature Api might be in v2 while the Segmentation api might be in v1. The current version is easy to find by looking at the url:s for an Api as we do versioning by route.

Examples of what a breaking change might be:

  • Removing a response field
  • Removing a resource or method
  • Modifying a required query parameter
  • Modifying a resource or method URI
  • Modifying a property name
  • Modifying authorization method